• Who we are...

    As a group of Mechanical Engineers founded in FY2000 we have always viewed things different. We remain focused on enabling the right answer the first time and deliver amazing software and consulting for that purpose. Our key areas of focus are:

    • Enterprise Classification & Item-Reuse
    • Recommendation Management 
    • Mechanical Engineering Automation
    • Cloud-Based Software Licensing
    • Enterprise and Custom e-Commerce Projects

    We offer a unique combination of off-the-shelf products and custom developed solutions with a focus on cloud-based technologies and solutions.

  • nextQuery

    Our Cloud-Based Compatibility Service!

    Easily define, relate and deliver your expertly defined product relationships with ease.

    Learn the basics in under 3.5 minutes!

    We identify the real-world problems and show how nextQuery solves them!

  • Enterprise and Commerce


    Ever notice that managed product recommendations within eCommerce

    .... basically "suck"?


    Yep - we did also!


    So we built a service that enables you to easily train, automatically cluster, and deliver similar product recommendations that help your customers review and purchase faster than ever before.


    Coming SOON!


    Recommendation Management


    nextQuery is an expert-guided selling solution that ties together disconnected products offerings to "expertly-guide" customers to personally relevant purchase recommendations and options.


    nextQuery's expert-based approach avoids the "big-data rear view mirror" of historical "purchased also", "user opinions" and "likes" to "forecast" recommended products.


    The service enables you to easily import your product items, relate them with ease and manage the entire process independent of your existing eCommerce and web environments.


    With nextQuery, your customer experiences will feel "faster," more "connected", "personal," and extremely "relevant", resulting in better customer service and higher profitability! Check it out!



    CREO Parametric Automation

    This is an OpenSource Initiative by Simplified Logic to promote design and documentation automation using a JSON Application Server connected to PTC's CREO Parametric JLINK API.


    This enables any programming/scripting language to interact with CREO Parametric either locally or remotely using simple (and generic) JSON transactions.


    CREOSON is a highly optimized and flexible API. It has been developed for over 10 years and remains the core interface for all of our top selling Automation Tools and Services (e.g. Nitro-CELL, Nitro-BOM, Nitro-PROGRAM, and many customer-specific projects).

    Integrated Payment Solutions

    Awesomeness is defined as one's ability to react to customer demands for anything in record time.


    Awesomeness is all about "service."


    The smoother, and more efficient, you make your customer facing process, the better your image!


    We designed our tight integration with PayPal to make you look and feel amazing to your customers! 


    Our hosted Nitro-LM licensing integrates seamlessly with PayPal to present a familiar, secure, and painless purchasing process for the customers and end users.


    It's time to "re-think" how you deliver, sell and license software!

    The Global Store

    Ever want to bypass all the corporate "process" and "bureaucracy" associated with generating purchase orders, invoicing, provisioning software, and dealing with accounts receivables - JUST to take care of your customers?!


    Do you just want to "sell" your software to your customers around the world - and get paid immediately?!


    Do you want to have complete control over "who" can "see", "download" and "buy" your software?!


    Then.... You -need- us!


    The Global Store is a turn key, "brandable", private, secure, and completely externally hosted commerce site specifically designed to help your customers spend money with you and deliver software faster than ever before.


    A cloud-hosted commercial software licensing and encryption service with integrated e-Commerce via PayPal.


    This service is designed to enable software developers to focus on the imporant part of their business - writing their OWN software.


    The service is very capable and provides integrated registration, confirmation, demo licensing, data logging, product purchase and licensing all within a single offering.


    Nitro-LM provides a uniquely capable service that serves your organization by allowing your customers to evaluate and purchase your software without remembering to "go visit a web site" to obtain licensing/purchase support.

  • Pro/ENGINEER / CREO Automation Tools

    Skip the Top-Down Design Modeling and Data-Management headaches.

    Focus on "Autonomous Modeling" and information "Data Flows!"


    Export CREO BOM --> Excel, Import Excel BOM --> CREO

    Export your Assembly Bill of Materials (BOM) to Microsoft Excel!

    Add/Modify/Delete Parameters within Excel, and update everything with a single-click!

    This is a must-have for anyone that does BOM/PDM/PLM Management.


    Pro/ENGINEER Creo --> Creo 4.0

    DEMO / LICENSED VERSION: 32-Bit or 64-Bit


    Note: Early versions of Creo 3.0 has problems with Suppressed Family Table Instances.

    OFFICIAL Creo 3.0 Support - M040 or later


    Drive CREO from Microsoft Excel!

    Automate CREO models and drawings from Excel in record time!

    NO Programming, Training or Consultants Required!

    TONS of YouTube Video Help!

    Capture your knowledge, put it to use!


    Pro/ENGINEER Creo --> Creo 4.0

    FREEMIUM VERSION: 32-Bit or 64-Bit

    DEMO / LICENSED VERSION: 32-Bit or 64-Bit


    Note: Early versions of Creo 3.0 has problems with Suppressed Family Table Instances.

    OFFICIAL Creo 3.0 Support - M040 or later

    GET_APPEND Note for Models and Drawings is ONLY supported in Creo 3.0 M070 and later!


    Graphical Pro/PROGRAM Editor!

    Designed for unparalleled ease-of-use for drag-and-drop program editing within Parts and Assemblies.

    THIS is a MUST-HAVE Tool for ANY serious CREO Automations!


    Pro/ENGINEER Creo --> Creo 4.0

    FREEMIUM VERSION: 32-Bit or 64-Bit

    DEMO / LICENSED VERSION: 32-Bit or 64-Bit


    Note: Early versions of Creo 3.0 has problems with Suppressed Family Table Instances.

    OFFICIAL Creo 3.0 Support - M040 or later


    OpenSource Automation for PTC's CREO Parametric

    This is an amazing JSON API for CREO Parametric's JLINK.

    Learn more - please visit: http://www.creoson.com


  • FREE Training and Product Overviews 












     Every Video Designed to be 3-MINUTES or LESS!


    We are a very dynamic and forward thinking organization.  We have a "knack" for hacking a company's Business Model and finding "real pain" that often opens up tremendous opportunities for improvement.  We love people that think outside the box, are self-motivated, creative, listen to suggestions and go beyond the "minimum" expectations to deliver awesomely satisfying customer experiences.


    We take a lot of pride in our ability to re-think and re-shape "how" things should be done.  Anyone that works with our organization must be able to think at scale and be prepared to deliver with confidence.  Is that you?!


    We are a DevOps-Based Organization looking for people who appreciate a good challenge, and can get behind an idea, contribute and deliver on time. Experience in the following is always a benefit:


    Back End:

    Java (applications, services, etc.)

    Tomcat, Apache

    OSGi Framework




    MySQL / Oracle / Neo4j

    PayPal APIs


    Web Technologies:

    HTML / HTML5 / CSS




    Google Apps





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    If you have experience in selling On-Line Shopping Carts and/or eCommerce Systems, and are tired of selling within a "flooded" market, we have some new technology you might find interesting - and very rewarding!


    For years we have been working on product configurators - with an extreme manufacturing emphasis.  We believe that our newest product "nextQuery" is rolling onto the launch pad, but needs a few experienced rocket pilot(s) to guide it into outer space.


    Our approach is super cool, very visual, easy-to-learn and enables customers to focus on delivering a "knowledge-driven" selling experience.  Enhancing customer loyalty by delivering the "right" answers faster than ever before!  Oh, it also gets I.T. out of the way, but enables seamless integration with existing commercial or home grown commerce platforms.




    Start by reaching out to us!

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