Creo BOM Automation w/ Microsoft Excel
Easily export and maintain Creo Assembly BOM Data to and from Microsoft Excel Tables.

Create, Modify, Delete Parameters,
and even Rename Models/Drawings...
ALL from Microsoft Excel!
Key Features
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Nitro-BOM Key Features
Export Creo BOM Data to Excel
One-Click Export of Creo Assembly BOM Structure and Data to Excel
Modify / Create / Delete Parameters from Excel
Easily manage Creo Parameters and Values from Excel
Customizable Export Formatting
Multiple default report formats that can be easily customized for your purposes
Rename Models & Drawings from Excel
Stay focused on the design, rename models and drawings easily from Excel when necessary
Easily find and detect Parameter State problems and fix them from Excel
Map Parameters -to- Columns
Transform Creo Parameter Names to Target System Names including the order of display
BOM Cost Estimation
Leverage Excel Power Query to dynamically compute BOM costs automatically
Identify Data Problems
Leverage Excel Power Query to automatically identify missing or data value problems between systems
Compute BOM Cost Differences
Leverage Excel Power Query automatically compute cost differences between BOM versions
Run Excel Macro After BOM Export!
Define Excel Workbook or Excel Application/Module Macros and automatically RUN them after Nitro-BOM Export operations!
BOM Report Item Index(s)
Easily include Report Index Columns for Assembly Content being exported from Creo to Excel for later use by ERP/MRP Import Processes.
Special Column Exports
Easily export Model Mass/Length Units, Simplified Rep Names, Current Model Material, and Model Bounding Box as Excel Report Columns
Advanced Analysis w/ Excel Power Query!

Nitro-BOM Exports Creo Assembly BOM Data to native Excel Tables and creates/maintains Excel Power Query Connections for you automatically!

Power Query is AWESOME for transforming, comparing and summarizing Creo Assembly Data. This enables easy connection to data from external business systems for real-time data and cost analysis purposes.

Power Query operations automatically update every time your Creo Assembly BOM data is exported using NItro-BOM.

Automated BOM Cost Estimation w/ Excel Power Query
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Compatibility Notice
Creo 3.0
Early Versions of CREO 3.0 have problems with Suppressed Family Table Instances. The solution is to upgrade to CREO 3.0 M040 or Later!