Automation Problems... Solved!
Data Quality and Flow is 90% of EVERY Problem!
We work with frustrated professionals who realize that data is crucial to business success - regardless of their automation goals. They fail to identify, leverage and optimize:

  1. Data Sources - Where is it coming from? How will it be used?
  2. Data Accuracy - Completeness, Consistency, Usefulness?
  3. Data Flow and Usage - What is needed?, Why? and When?
It does not matter if their data is driving new product design, configurations or expert recommendations - everything starts here.
Apply the Right Technology
Many customers realize that they are too close to their problems, and actively seek fresh perspectives to their old problems that never get solved.

Here are a few areas where bringing in a fresh perspective have yielded reductions in cost and improved profits for our customers:

  • Enterprise Classification & Item-Reuse
  • Item Relationship and Recommendation Management
  • Mechanical Engineering Automation for PTC's Creo Parametric
    • Nitro-BOM - Bill Of Materials (BOM) Automation using Excel
    • Nitro-CELL - Design, Documentation and Process Automation using Excel
    • Nitro-PROGRAM - Graphical Pro/PROGRAM Editing
    • CREOSON - Open Source Automation for Creo Parametric
  • Cloud-Based Software Development and Licensing Solutions
  • Enterprise Development and Custom e-Commerce Projects
Let's work together!
If you can relate to any of the customer problems above that we have solved, let's get the conversation started!
Companies literally run on Spreadsheets! helps users go beyond basic analytics by taking unstructured data, easily defining goals, and directly cluster the data to obtain actionable results. quickly helps users identify the hidden relationships and opportunities that would not be found using conventional tools and approaches to analytics. is a PERFECT FIT for Purchasing, Engineering and eCommerce Organizations!
Nitro-LM is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based, software licensing subscription management service.

User registration, confirmation, purchase, and licensing functions are typically the LAST things to be considered in ANY software development project.

Nitro-LM was delivers ALL of those important functions by default - enabling your company to focus on your main purpose - developing your great software.

Nitro-LM is secure, painless to implement, and use by your customers.
CREOSON is an OpenSource Version of our NitroMation Technology.

CREOSON is a generic HTTP interface that uses JSON-based transactions to manipulate the PTC CREO Parametric Modeling Kernel - locally or remotely.

CREOSON enables customers to easily build their own application interfaces and integrate CREO Parametric into their own business workflow systems or customer-facing applications/environments.

CREOSON is very useful.
NitroMation is the core technology for all of our PTC CREO Automation Tools and Services.

NitroMation has been used to deliver everything from custom internet-enabled CREO 3D Automation Build and Configuration Solutions to our own off-the-shelf user-level automation tools for CREO.

Nitro-BOM, Nitro-CELL, Nitro-PROGRAM, and the OpenSource CREOSON Project are all examples of automation tools for PTC's CREO Parametric that leverage NitroMation as the foundation for their development.
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